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Nieuwefontein Empowerment Centre - Long Term Rehabilitation

Addiction Science

Monumental leaps in the imaging of addicted peoples brains, have lead to a new understanding of what happens to the brains wiring and functioning of the individual suffering from the disease of addiction.

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What to Do When Treatment Doesn't Work

An alternative approach to helping people with co morbidity substance abuse disorder and mental issues

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Drug awareness campaign

Substance and or alcohol abuse causes many unwanted physical and anatomical brain changes

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Nieuwefontein Empowerment Centre - Long Term Rehabilitation

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Nieuwefontein Empowerment centre (NEC) is a rehabilitation and recovery centre situated in the beautiful Karoo, approximately halfway between Cape Town and Johannesburg.
NEC offers rehabilitation for substance abusers. Drug abuse in South Africa is increasing at a rapid rate and for over a decade NEC has been helping to restore lives. NEC also offers residents continued guidance to maintain a healthy lifestyle after the completion of our program. Our facility can accommodate both men and women. Although we accommodate both genders there are separate housing for both genders and interaction between the groups is limited to lectures and group therapy.
Anyone who has had difficult times as a result of substance abuse, including alcohol and prescription meds, can find the help they need with us. We offer a long term treatment plan, which removes the individual from their immediate environment. This allows them to gain perspective on what influences may have caused their problem and offers them the chance to make any changes necessary for them to live a healthy and fulfilled life. They are granted the opportunity to start afresh by breaking contact with anyone who influenced their addiction including friends, family, enablers and dealers. The emotional effects of dealing with their addiction is also lessened by this break in contact as they are encouraged to work on themselves rather than worry about external factors that may have impeded their personal development in the past.
Residents are also encouraged to look to the future and further their studies while they are with us. Our goal is to help the residents reach their personal life goals and offer help with regards to finishing school, doing tertiary education and even the simple things like getting a Driver’s Licence. We are driven toward helping residents live and maintain the life they have in mind for themselves and adjust the program to meet individual needs.
We also make use of the great outdoors and the activities it offers including nature walks, outdoors sports such as soccer, cricket and swimming during the summer months. We acknowledge the importance of physical exercise and it is compulsory to do at least two hours of exercise a week. This helps residents to remain physically, mentally and emotionally balanced.
We are a privately owned facility and as such NEC can offer residents that have successfully completed their program a free-of-charge stay for a month should they relapse or require extra guidance during a trying time.


Many people do not understand why or how other people become addicted to any substance or behaviour.  It is often mistakenly assumed that addicts lack moral principles or willpower and that they could stop using simply by choosing to change their behaviour.  In reality, drug addiction is a complex disease, and quitting takes more than good intentions or a strong will.  In fact, because substances change the brain in ways that foster compulsive using, quitting is difficult, even for those who are ready to do so.  Through scientific advances, we know more than ever how substances work in the brain.  We also know that addiction can be successfully treated to help people to stop and lead productive lives.  Drugs addiction have negative consequences for individuals and for society, such as family disintegration, loss of employment, failure in school, domestic violence and child abuse.

Our Mission is to offer you affordable, professional and personal help in restoring balance to the mind and the body of people with addiction and other related disorders. This is achieved with intensive one-on-one counseling, group therapy and individual therapy. We also focus on behavioural and attitude changes through life skill lectures.

We promote:

Teamwork amongst all residents

Re-building self-worth and trust in residents themselves and others

Restoring their family and personal relationships

Creating a peaceful and tranquil recovery environment

Isolation from the addictive substances, removal from the harmful environment and separation from suppliers, and accomplices

Group therapy focusing on seeing a broader reality, overcoming denial and gaining a greater acceptance of personal responsibility and hope for change

Individual counselling sessions are typically used for reviewing progress and addressing issues that may be too sensitive or unique to be dealt with routinely in a group setting

Re-building of self-confidence and self esteem

Processes to deal with the residents feelings of fear, guilt and shame

Life skills workshops

Techniques for handling temptation and avoiding future relapse

Assistance and guidance in exploring future possibilities for our residents lifestyles which can include employment and education

We walk beside our clients, sharing in their process and offering love and guidance as and when necessary.

Prevention is Key

Addiction is a preventable disease.  Results from NIDA-funded research have shown that prevention programs involving families, schools, communities, and the media are effective in reducing drug abuse.  Although many events and cultural factors affect drug abuse trends, when youths perceive drug abuse as harmful, they reduce their drug taking.  Thus, education and outreach are key in helping youth and the general public understand the risks of drug abuse.  Teachers, parents and medical and public health professionals must keep sending the message that drug addiction can be prevented if one never abuses drugs.



Nieuwefontein Empowerment Centre - Long Term Rehabilitation

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Bipolar and Addicted

Too many thoughts, too many feelings, too many faces

Yea, what’s the feeling of success?
Achieved so many things, but all I feel is regret,
I feel alone inside my head what don’t you get?
Wake up every morning like it’s still my set, 
Reminisce on where I come from so I don’t forget, 
Been to rehab a dozen times, they called me a vet, 
You thought you knew me, I haven’t opened the curtains yet

Alcohol destroyed all my relationships
Forgot most of my life - except for the video clips, 
Poisoned my brain to forget the pain, on the daily I feel insane
I’m above the ground though I can’t complain, god relieve this pain
I feel like I drank the blood of Cain, 

Every day is a surprise, my brain tells me I’m so wise, 
But he’s a master in disguise, while I’m the one who cries, 
He’s the one who lies, 
To me in my own voice watching my demise, 
When he’s in in control anything flies, 
It scares me, I built a fortress to disguise, 
This out of control mind, I want to cut the ties
A Broad perception, in a beautiful world, through these eyes, 

Try to express my feelings, no one can understand
**** it no one can, this experience is mine god had it planned
Just hope I can grow up to be the man, 
The one he created to do whatever he can, 
Yea, whatever he wants, his drive his will he can make a stand, 
A visionary, Socrates his thoughts are grand, 

Who do I trust, who I am or who I want to be, 
It’s confusing with a devil living inside of me, 
Loving spouse, family man what I try to be, 
This bipolar got a hold of me, 
Blindfolding me I can’t see, 
Please doctor doctor set my mind free, 
I thought I knew everything with my degree, 
The lessons I learned from the things I failed to see, 

Mommy and daddy got divorced when I was a kid, 
I think I was 8, I can’t remember, who am I to kid, 
My first blackout in life, daddy’s about to lose his wife, 
So much anger, “he’s” telling me to find the knife, 
Take it to the artery just a little slice, 
Life’s not as nice, as people make it seem, 
No one hears me scream, from the pain, 
Inside this brain, some days I feel insane, 
110 on the freeway trying to stay in my lane, 
Drunk driving no I’m not sane, 
Getting high to alleviate the pain

One day I can be the man, goals, driven, and full of will, 
The next be full of sadness, regret, life stands still, 
I can remember anger that drove me to ****, 
You don’t know how I feel, 
People probably thought I made a deal, 
With the devil to have all this skill, 
I write all these thoughts, hoping there’s a heart to fill, 

Hope someone can relate, 
I hope my pain makes you elate, 
My perceptions not up for debate, 
Here is my life there’s no room to understate, 
The reality of my life and the things on my plate, 
Strive to be in a mentally stable state, 
Sometimes life’s not so great, 
My minds locked in a crate, and he is the key holder of my fate, 

My life feels like an afterthought, 
Stepdad thought love was something that could be bought, 
Used to get in trouble every time I got caught, 
Only if they knew the realism of what I did, or maybe they ought 
Not to know, but for the sake of the flow, I’m going to let go, 
Put on a show so they finally understand what they missed long ago, 

Let’s start as a little boy, all the love you showed was a decoy, 
For the truth that mommy and daddy were ready to destroy, 
Split us up, brown moving boxes was it all momma’s ploy?
I still don’t know the truth, I don’t want to ask or annoy

They say they fell out of love, how can you fall out of love, 
Unless you gave up? Don’t you realize who’s above, 
Poor American white family, three kids and divorced, man the stereo type fits like a glove, 
Never got physically, but always received a verbal shove, 
Psychologically I wish I could dispose of, 
This garbage that’s left behind, in this mind how am I supposed to give away free love, 

One day at a time, one fight, I’m going to give it all my might, 
Serenity prayer please give me the light, 
To accept my life and guide me right, 
Some days things are out of sight, 
God comfort me so I feel alright, 
I’m shrouded in darkness, call me the dark knight, 
Noble I’m my cause, daily life’s a plight, 

As a teenager I survived off my drive, 
Then there was the day I didn’t want to be alive, 
Locked those feelings deep in the archive, 
Padlocked in the deep parts of the brain so they don’t thrive, 
Questioning the purpose of life when I was five, 
Asked about space and God, curiosity already took a dive, 
Most people and me don’t really jive, 
One instinct on my mind is to survive, 
Mania kicking in putting me in overdrive, 
Found out when I was twenty-five, 
I’m mentally ill, my life took a nose dive, 
Time to wake up and revive, 
It’s time to deprive, 
The addiction and the **** I do to connive, 
God im going to work on my life until arrive, 
To the kingdom, hopefully I live to see thirty-five, 

Todays a new day, no telling what I might do, 
Try to hold my family together, backbone and the glue, 
Just accept my view, everything’s not about you, 
Been self-reflecting, I’m having a break through, 
This story is contagious, call it reality flu, 
Knocked on deaths door, Alcohol blood volume .492, 

What was I thinking? Pores stinking, breath wreaking, 
Family and friends shrieking, at all my drinking, 
Woke up surrounded by the medical team, 
Asked me if I was suicidal, I said what do you mean?
I’m a genius, with a good job, had one since fourteen, 
Worked hard my whole life, why am I here confused as hell - creating a scene, 
Needle in my arm, threatening to restrain me, 
God please set me free, right now you’re the only one that can help me, 
Ready to fight the doctors and nurses, now they’re going to petition me, 

When I opened up my eyes, 
Seen my momma with tears in her eyes, 
Most painful look I’ve ever seen on her face, 
Now I feel like a huge disgrace, wish she knew gods grace, 
My hearts racing at a fast pace, anxiety took over freaking out in this place, 
The realest hug ive ever felt was from momma while I was in that room, 
Time to clean up my life, time to clear my mind and get out of the back room, 
Where my thoughts are locked, time to forgive and bury the in their own tomb, 
Most think they know me, and its dangerous to assume, 
Most my life you seen me in my costume, hiding behind the monster of doom, 
Spent so many hours in my bedroom, drinking so much leaving behind an ethanol fume, 
Days later it’s still hanging around, how the poison turns everything into a darkroom. 

12 days locked in the psych ward, hopefully I can move my life forward, 
Dr. says I had an episode of major depression, I forgot to tell them about my secret obsession, 
These words are the closest thing I have to a confession, 
When I die take my brain for a case study dissection, 
Don’t let my evil said lead you to mis-direction, 
When im aware I can make the correction, 
What an elusive lie, chasing perfection, 
Life is about love and a real connection, 
God im tired, give me a symbol give me direction, 

Therapy sessions for years, did nothing to help these tears, 
Still react with impulsion and anger, watch out for the danger, 
the biggest fear ive ever had was the fear of myself, 
and the things I was capable of to destroy myself or secure the wealth. 
So many secrets it’s a masquerade, im hidden behind my stealth, 
The lies created to maintain this alter-ego destroying my mental health,

My biggest pains in life are when I had it all and left it all, 
My depression after mania was the biggest fall, 
I felt like I was the king of the world, king of the jungle; hear my call, 
My ego inflated from my achievements, made me feel tall, 
Daddys dream was his oldest boy would play college ball, 
Just like the song boys of fall, 

Daddys dream wasn’t mine to live, 
But that wont stop me from giving all I can give, 
Im sorry for the night I was drunk and we got combative, 
I shut that night out its not something I want to relive, 
Please daddy forgive, now you’re so corroborative. 

Now momma I know we do not speak, 
The real issue is we don’t want to feel weak, 
Why are we so strong, the ones who cant take critique, 
Maybe we are so unique, and live life with such technique, 
The type of thoughts people think are antique, 
Their arguments bleak, our common point is its our mind we speak, 

Im ready for the conversation, a common destination, 
Where we live in harmony, and actions don’t lead to causation, 
I hope my dictation, and the acceptance of your creation, 
Allows you to accept me and the ground I call my foundation, 
Rebuild our family, together we can create a formation, 
Our time and love the only donation, mix em together titration, 
It’s a ruination of the family, its everything I wanted it to be, 

Ive struggled with every relationship, 
With anyone I let close I seem to lose myself and flip the script, 
Those evil days I hide in my mind, security equipped and encrypt, 
I feel like im writing a manuscript, a story of a man who slipped, 
On the struggles of life, and opportunities that have been stripped,

Went to college on a full ride, paid for room and board seen the debt and just about cried, 
350 a month to the government talk about a life hurdle that broke my stride, 
Since graduation I noticed im the new dr. jekyl and mr hyde, 
Success in my life was implied, mental health hit me on my broadside, 
Missed my grad school opportunity, I should have applied, 
Had love going for me, turned into a landslide, 
All I want to do is have a good job and be able to provide, 
Im not the only one suffering this epidemic is worldwide, 
I just want to sit by the lake side, retire and reside, 
Somewhere peaceful where a simple life is implied, 
The only downside, is the demon inside me that takes me on the regular for a joyride. 

Worked 80 hours a week, drinking a fifth a day, 
Most people don’t even know what to say, 
To me it was just another day, 
Its about to get nasty watch out for the word play, 
Life not black and white live in the grey, 
Area, mass hysteria, my mind runs astray, 
Enough liquor in my blood to make me sway, 
One wrong move may be my doomsday, 
I write about my life like a final exam essay, 
Giving it my all no halfway, 
Yea, im making headway, opening the doorway, 
For all to enter; serve up my experience like a fine dining entrée, 
Living check to check, cant wait for payday, 
Maybe someday, ill be on the golden walkway, 
To the kingdom of god then ill be okay, 
Impulses so strong its hard not to obey, 
The other side of me that’s so hard to portray, 
When hes manic I get risqué, 
Let me paint a picture, get your tickets to the screenplay. 

They say its not what you go through, but what you became of it, 
My lifes not a stereotype, those stipulations don’t fit, 
I seem to get back up after every hit, I couldn’t write this skit, 
Im trying to use my ****, my mind feels split, I cant take this ****, 
I just want to quit, go to therapy to learn skills and what to omit, 
From my life, its hard ill have to admit, 
Elementary school I realized I was a misfit, 
Dreams in the stars, illuminated and moonlit, 
Building a legacy without a permit, 
Try to live life so im not a hypocrite.

Shocked by the responses to voice and gods word, 
You can say in high school I was a nerd,
Football MVP and valedictorian man that’s absurd, 
Wanna know my secret, ask me the password, 
Stand on my own, not a part of the heard, 
Forgive me for all my problems and troubles that have occurred. 

The darkest secret you don’t know, 
Is that im not motivated by the dough, 
It’s the times where Im feeling high and low, 
Sometimes it feels like time is slow, 
The biggest crush to my ego, 
Was when I had a 20-gauge ready to pull the trigger and blow, 
Racking the shells, playing with the ammo, 
The rest of my life I was about to forego, 
I wanted to let go, because I wanna know