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Drug addiction has become an epidemic in our country, claiming the lives of our loved ones and our children on a daily basis. Something has to be done and someone has to be prepared to intervene and help them. Not every addict that walks through our doors are here by choice, someone made the choice for them and it saved their lives. You cannot stand by and watch how they kill themselves and you cannot enable them by pretending the problem does not exist and assist them in their demise. The day your child was born you did not imagine the life they have at this moment as a result of their addiction. Addiction is a disease that consumes all rational thought and projects them into a terrible and dangerous quality of life. A life in active addiction is not a life, it is a prison sentence. A life without a future is not worth living, an addict becomes a person that not even they can recognize. If the one you love has become violent and involved in criminal activities to sustain their addiction then both you and the addict need help.

We assist those who have been brave enough to make that choice for someone they love. We deal with the difficult cases that no one else wants to deal with. If someone you love is in a situation where they are being held in a place that you cannot get to them, we can. We are passionate about saving lives and we will do whatever it takes to do that. We deal with court orders, run aways, people prone to violence and intimidation tactics. We meet them where they are at, we go in and take them out.

You make the choice, we enforce that decision and together we save lives. Together we can help them regain control over themselves and their lives so as that they can have a future and a good quality of life. Nothing worthwhile comes easy and there are times when difficult choices have to made and you need to be prepared to fight for what is right.

Intervention saves lives, a person cannot wait until they are ready. If sobriety is out of their control then you need to help pull them out of that situation so that they can have an opportunity at sobriety.

Intervention might just be the only way, make the choice that will save a life. We do whatever it takes to make that a reality. To deal with someone that repels recovery you need two things. Choice and action! You need to make the choice and take that first step then you need someone to enforce that and take control.


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Nieuwefontein Empowerment centre (NEC) is a well established  rehabilitation and recovery center situated in the beautiful Karoo, approximately halfway between Cape Town and Johannesburg.

We offer an alternative to conventional treatment an approach of Transformation

The majority of our clientele are those who have been in treatment previously and have had a protracted battle with addiction and or mental health. We offer an alternative to conventional treatment approaches and have enjoyed many successes as a result.

Primarily we do not treat addiction and mental health as a "death sentence" and do not foster ideas that once an addict always an addict. Moreover, once depressed or anxious that this will always be so.

The mentality around medications, psychotherapy, and a lifetime of going to meetings once a week, declaring that one has an incurable disease or has a permanent disability is self-defeating and only perpetuates the problem. Leading to an abysmal outlook on life for the individual and family.

We offer hope and transformation.

We are not in the business of being medical doctors, psychiatrists, or psychologists. But, we assist residents that require those professionals, to access them locally. We are guided by the recommendations of those professionals. We are also compassionate ,and again, use professionals to help with detox, as withdrawing is a difficult time. We wish to make the process as painless as possible. We still refer to professionals for medication reduction as well.

We begin the process by admitting the resident, thereby removing them from their immediate environment and breaking ties with old habits, behaviours, relationships, and any of the triggers that may have lead to their inability to cope with life. Focus is then given to education. Educating a person around their affliction empowers them to come to a new understanding of their condition, thereby enabling them to use a number of life skills that were formally overlooked or were dismissed.

We are privileged to be on a working sheep farm in the middle of nowhere (Northern Cape, Karoo), thereby allowing a resident to find themselves without undue pressure from the “outside world”. Getting back to nature, being in a routine, and being shown & taught social principles that enable them to “fit in” are in-expendable . Getting taught how to clean their own room, do dishes, do laundry, and even something as simple as cooking a meal has a profound positive influence on an individual’s self-esteem & self-respect. Learning in a community of people how to communicate effectively and how to get along with others, again has a profound effect.

We are a Christian community and therefore engage with praise & worship and a compassionate view of the Gospel. A view of forgiveness, of self-appreciation and gratitude. However, it is not compulsory as sometimes a person needs to see the love of God before they are willing to participate.

We teach mindfulness and living in the moment. In-turn, learning how to cope with our feelings, circumstances, and thought processes in the here & now, without “acting out” or escaping from discomfort. The ability to deal with life on life’s terms is priceless toward our overall physical and mental well being.

Physical exercise cannot be understated and therefore we have as a compulsory part of the program, a sports station, four times a week.This can be anything from soccer, to cricket, to going for a walk, to volleyball, and swimming in the summer months.

Eating a healthy and balanced diet regularly three times a day at the same time, nourishes our bodies and fuels our mind with the necessary chemicals in order to maintain good & healthy brain function.
Looking toward the future and preparing for employment & self-sustainability is key to the overall outcome. Residents are encouraged to study in order to complete their education, or to advance their potential employ-ability. Wi-Fi is provided in order to do correspondence courses. Simple things like getting an identity document or drivers license is also encouraged.

We are passionate about what we represent and passionate about our residents.

Please contact us.......We can HELP

We are a privately owned facility and as such Addictus Treatment Centre can offer residents that have successfully completed their program a free-of-charge stay for a month should they relapse or require extra guidance during a trying time.

What is addiction

Addiction Science

Monumental leaps in the imaging of addicted peoples brains, have lead to a new understanding of what happens to the brains wiring and functioning of the individual suffering from the disease of addiction.

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Myths about addiction

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Substance and or alcohol abuse causes many unwanted physical and anatomical brain changes

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Program Program Program
Many people do not understand why or how other people become addicted to any substance or behaviour.  It is often mistakenly assumed that addicts lack moral principles or willpower and that they could stop using simply by choosing to change their behaviour.  In reality, drug addiction is a complex disease, and quitting takes more than good intentions or a strong will.  In fact, because substances change the brain in ways that foster compulsive using, quitting is difficult, even for those who are ready to do so.  Through scientific advances, we know more than ever how substances work in the brain.  We also know that addiction can be successfully treated to help people to stop and lead productive lives.  Drugs addiction have negative consequences for individuals and for society, such as family disintegration, loss of employment, failure in school, domestic violence and child abuse.

Our Mission is to offer you affordable personal help in restoring balance to the mind and the body of people with addiction and other related mental disorders

We promote:

Teamwork amongst all residents

Re-building self-worth and trust in residents themselves and others

Restoring their family and personal relationships

Creating a peaceful and tranquil recovery environment

Isolation from the addictive substances, removal from the harmful environment and separation from suppliers, and accomplices

Re-building of self-confidence and self esteem

Processes to deal with the residents feelings of fear, guilt and shame

Life skills workshops

Techniques for handling temptation and avoiding future relapse

Assistance and guidance in exploring future possibilities for our residents lifestyles which can include employment and education

We walk beside our clients, sharing in their process and offering love and guidance as and when necessary.

Prevention is Key

Addiction is a preventable disease. Results from NIDA-funded research have shown that prevention programs involving families, schools, communities, and the media are effective in reducing drug abuse. Although many events and cultural factors affect drug abuse trends, when youths perceive drug abuse as harmful, they reduce their drug taking. Thus, education and outreach are key in helping youth and the general public understand the risks of drug abuse. Teachers, parents and medical and public health professionals must keep sending the message that drug addiction can be prevented if one never abuses drugs.

Drug Squad

Drug Squad

Drug Squad Interventions is a privately-owned company that is recognized by the South African Magistrates Court to assist families to get an addicted person into a recovery centre that is out of control or the families don’t know how to confront the addict to get help from his addiction and to recover for a period set out by the court or the recovery centre. Drug Squad also does involuntarily committals which is called a section 33 of the drug dependency act of 2008. When doing these orders, the court will look at 3 factors that would put an addict into the recovery centre involuntarily for a period not exceeding 12 months inpatient program,

1) The addicted person is a danger to himself
2) The addicted person is a danger to his family
3) The addicted person is a danger to the community

If the recovery centre or the sponsor feels that the addicted person needs longer treatment, we will then confront the court for an extension of the order. By doing this the addict can’t just sign himself out, which will save the family money, because the addict will always find fault with the recovery centre, not realising that it costs the family a lot of money to jump from one centre to the other, not realizing that the problem is always going with them until they succeed at there recovery..

I’m sure you asking yourself is really necessary to do interventions on addicts that don’t want help or hasn’t come to the realization that they need help? My answer to you would be YES. My reason for this answer would be, while an addict is in active addiction, he or she won’t come and ask for help because their minds are darkened by the drugs and all that they worry about is their next fix, while the family has to look on and see how the addict is killing themselves and also hurting the families in the process. I’ve seen marriages of 30-40 yrs come to an end because one of them can’t put their loved one into a recovery centre or do an intervention or a court order because they scared of what the addict would think of them and then the other spouse would then have had enough and move on with their lives. I’ve seen big business men and women losing their company’s and careers because of their loved ones and the co-dependency that the families have over their loved ones that is addict, whether its alcohol, prescription medication or even street drugs, its eventually going to destroy you and the addict.

Drug Squad also does court diversions where the addict is caught by the law for a drug related offense and then negotiates with the Prosecutors to help thru the justice system to get the addicted person court ordered into a recovery centre for a period of time. The sponsor will be liable for the payment of the recovery centre. Once the program is successfully completed the state will then drop the charges on condition that the addicted person would not commit a similar offense again and will also not have a criminal record.

Drug Squad also does extreme interventions where the addict has disappeared for days and the families are worried about their loved one, Drug Squad will then go and look for him or her and then once we find them then they would go into the recovery centre, which the sponsor and Drug Squad has agreed on, they would then be taken immediately so that they can start their recovery process. Drug Squad will also help the families to recover any stolen property which they have suffered thru the addict. We did an intervention for a family where the girl locked herself up in her bedroom for 38 days and we had to cut down the door to get to her, she was already in a psychotic state from all the drugs that she took. We took her to a recovery centre and when she recovered, she made contact with us and thanking us for saving her. Today she is a normal person that functions in society and also has her own business.

Drug Squad also works hand in hand with the South African Police Services and the Hawks to bring down these drug dealers, which is destroying our loved ones and the families. Drug Squad can proudly say that they made a 30-million-rand drug bust in the Vaal Triangle last year and other drug busts thru South Africa. We are just as committed to bring these killers to justice for the pain and suffering that was inflicted on the families and the addicted individuals.
One day we were asked to go and do a talk at a primary assembly hall, once we searched them we found a couple of them being in possession of marijuana and a couple of them with hard-core drugs like crystal meth and we asked them how did they get hold of these drugs, their response was that mom or dad said that when they feel hungry they must just smoke some of it and it will take the hunger pains away, because the parents can’t afford food because all the money is going to drugs. We had a case where a mother was a prostitute and when she couldn’t make money on a night to feed her addiction, she would then rent out her nine-year-old son to paedophiles so that they can do their business with him, when he cries to his mother about the pain she would then give him a hit of a crack cocaine pipe to take the pain away. We also had a situation where a father and son would use and then put it all over social media.

The worst of all we as human beings are accepting these kinds of behaviours normal, or we just wouldn’t be bothered because it’s not affecting me in my personal capacity, until one day you or your wife are standing at a robot and the addict hi-jacks you and shoot you dead on the spot, because he is paranoid and needs to get another fix!!

Drug Squad also does community work, we had the privilege to go to Groenpunt Prison in Vereeniging to do the Celebrate Recovery Program for the juveniles that is in prison for drug related offences. In my group I had 25 prisoners and most of them are doing 10 years and longer sentences for the crimes that they committed in order to finance their addiction and their life styles. A lot of them got swallowed up in the jail life and becoming gangsters in the prison in order to survive and protection from the other gangs. I looked at these youngsters and reminded myself where I was when I was young, it was like I was looking in a mirror and realized how I wasted my life on drugs, parties, women and crime. I thought to myself what am I going to tell these guys in order to lift their broken spirits that there is another chance when they get out, and as the program started running and the more I spent time with them, you realise that they are human beings that made a mistake, just like I did. I said to thos guys the only thing that is different between me and them was time, I also said to them don’t ever give up hope, because if you do you might as well give up on everything. HOPE was my willpower to push thru my addiction and prison sentence that I had. When the six-month program came to an end all of my students finished the program and they all received certificates that they finished their program which will be recognized by the parole board once they eligible for a parole hearing, which a lot of them were excited about. A lot of them came to me afterwards and asked me how they can do what we do at Drug Squad in their communities, so that the community can look at them and accept them back as citizens of South Africa that will make a difference in the fight against drugs and drug abuse that has such a big impact on everyone in South Africa.

What better result will you get by one addict helping another addict to overcome his addiction and to live a normal life.



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